Rise Records' Hands Like Houses Release A Modern Masterpiece

By Michelle Turk - Links: Twitter

On February 26, 2016, Australian post-hardcore group Hands Like Houses will be releasing Dissonants, their third album with Rise Records. Fans of the band’s sophomore release Unimagined will find the follow-up, Dissonants, to be the album they have been waiting for. Fans of the band’s American contemporary, I the Mighty, and labelmates, PVRIS, will especially enjoy Dissonants. 

           Dissonants is an album that screams to the heartbroken. As its title suggests, Dissonants describes situations and people that do not mesh well together. Its sound mirrors the heaviness that comes with loss of love and opportunities that will never be. However, contrary to its name, the album flows beautifully- featuring powerful instrumental parts as well as emotional and tender lyrics, its consonance is poetic.

            As of late January, Hands Like Houses released the third single from Dissonants, “Colourblind.” Of the three singles released from Dissonants, “Colourblind” gives the best glimpse into the album as a whole. The song is musically reminiscent of “Introduced Species” on Unimagined. According to the band’s Facebook page, the song revolves around how humanity tends to focus so much on black and white extreme that we become blind to the colorful world all around. The most powerful lyrics on the album lead into the chorus “We are the sickness and the symptom and the cure.”

           Another song on the 12-track album that stands out lyrically and musically is “Motion Sickness.” In the chorus is the lyrical gem, “the world is spinning and I am standing still.” It is an exciting song that illustrates the classic and lonely search for one’s other half, and will easily become a fan favorite. It showcases vocalist Trenton Woodley’s incredible vocal range, as well as melodic lead guitar riffs, and gives listeners an idea of how truly dynamic Hands Like Houses is.

           There is no doubt that this record will be the one to carry Hands Like Houses onto arena tours. It is a rock album that speaks for itself in how beautifully modern it is while reflecting the human existence in ways that are classical and true. Hands Like Houses will be touring the UK later this spring with I the Mighty. Dissonants is now available for pre-order and will be available worldwide on February 26. 




Listen to: "Colourblind", "Motion Sickness", "Momentary"