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BtS is your all access pass for today’s music scene. While based out of the cultural hotspot of New York City, we are a collaborative project between photographers and writers spanning the United States. We hope you feel the love and dedication we put in our photos, reviews, and interviews as we feature all your favorite bands.

If you are interested in joining out team, please fill out our staff application!

Click on the staff member's name to see more about them as well as a portfolio of their work for Behind the Scene.


Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Head Photographer: 

Dan Wright (Links: Facebook, Instagram, Website)


Photographers and Writers:

Adam Ripplinger (Link: Website)

Alana Willis

Brody Coronelli (Website)

Christopher Abercrombie (Links: Website, Instagram)

Cameron Martinez (Links: InstagramWebsiteYoutube)

James Cook (Links: Instagram,Website)

Jensen Faye (Links: Instagram, Website)

Krisopher Lincoln (Links: InstagramFacebook)

Michelle Turk (Link: Twitter)

Nicole Eliänna (Links: InstagramWebsite)

Renee Newman (Link: Instagram

Rosalio Correa (Link: Website)

Samantha Warren (Link: Instagram)

Shawn Wood (Link: Instagram)

Shelby Miller (Links: InstagramWebsite)

Stefani Reynolds (Links: WebsiteFacebook)

Trevor Ryan (Link: Website)

Claudia Wyler (Link: Portfolio)


Friends of BtS

Nick DiMarco - Graphic Designer (Link: Website)


We are currently taking on new staff members! If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please fill out the contact form here.


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