Nevermen Find Creative Harmony Between Unlikely Forces On Debut

by Brody Coronelli - Link: Twitter

When a group of seasoned musicians come together with the intent of making something new and offbeat from their usual musical haunts, the result either hits hard or goes sour- almost as if such a large conglomerate of talent and expertise can tip over at the slightest nod if not plotted properly. Luckily, Nevermen- the new project created by the alt-rock and acclaimed experimentalist Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle fame, the TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe, and the rapper Doseone- causes no reason to run. A project seven years in the making, these three highly successful musicians deliver an LP that not only reflects the drawn-out work put into it, but also reaches new, unique highs within its grasp. 


There are sizeable pieces of each member’s abilities shining through on this LP. Adebimpe is the mind behind the anthem-like, pop neurosis that makes itself known on the sweeping hooks of songs like “Tough Towns” and the jittery, falsetto verses of“Shellshot.” Doseone gives the quirky rap-rock a steady alibi on songs such as the brooding, supervillain-esque “Dark Ear.” And lastly, Patton sees over it all, contributing a deviant, alt-rock laced, schizophrenic atmosphere reminiscent of Mr. Bungle to the rhythms and overall production. Patton notably takes control on “Non Babylon”, a syncopated and hushed slow-burner that crawls into your head more with every passing move. Nevermen’s self-titled affair ultimately finds a balance between all three deciding influences, creating an outlandish, chaotic, yet harmoniously arranged soundscape with the potential to appeal to fans of hip hop, alt-rock, and experimental tendencies. 


While some songs on Nevermen have obvious creative leaders, the charm of these collaborators sets in when all of their ideas hone in together. On “Wrong Animal Right Trap”, Patton’s sharp, voices-in-your-head production sits back, while the lead is passed on between Patton and his charismatic derangement, Doseone’s street laced flow, and Adebimpe’s infectious, chemical leads. The end result is a madhouse of a listening pleasure. 


Nevermen finds harmony between three sounds that-- on paper—appears potentially difficult and disjointed to stir together. They’re a true supergroup in the sense that there’s no chief collaborator- no one calling the shots. Instead, they each do what they do best in their own element and watch the sparks fly; a creative move that leads to an invigorating and engaging listen that can be digested in multiple different ways. 




Listen to: “Wrong Animal Right Trap”