Memphis May Fire at Hooligans Pub in Jacksonville, NC

Supported by Foundry, Death of Uriah, and Hollow Intent

by Sarah Carmody   

The last day on the Memphis May Fire tour and it ended on a Sunday but you wouldn't know that with all the energy in the room brought by the bands and fans alike. This show had no barricade for the crowd, which always gives a more intimate feel and allows fans to get up close and personal with the band. Hollow Intent would open the show a 4 piece from Raleigh,NC who are big fans of Headlining Band Memphis May Fire. They are a high energy, hard rock band who has released their EP "Monster" with new single "Burn".  Death of Uriah follows up with just as much energy keeping the pace of the night building, a four piece heavy metal band with non stop punch you in the face presence. Local to Jacksonville, NC you can find them playing at many local venues such as Hooligans Pub and Music hall. 

     As the night progresses to eye catching Foundry hits the stage, with smoke gysers really creating a wow factor. Their Guitarist continues to interact with the crowd keeping the momentum going. This band had not all been back together on a stage in 10 years and it happened in all its glory this night being direct support for Memphis May Fire. Their set comes to and end after leaving the crowd in Awe and you can feel the anticipation in the room waiting for Memphis May Fire to hit the stage. The crowd catching glimpses of the crew prepping the stage and a few band members and the excitement grows. 

     Suddenly the lights go down and the house music quiets and its time, the crowd gets silent for a few seconds and as soon as they see the first band member drummer Jake Garland taking his throne, they erupt with pandemonium. In come the rest of the band with Vocalist Matty Mullins walking to stage last with a smile ear to ear. The moment we were all waiting for is here and the music kicks up immediately and its go time! The fans sing in unison throughout the set while jumping up and down and creating a mosh pit within the first song. Matty Mullins taking some time in between songs to talk to the crowd and you can see the joy across his face, he is dong what he loves for fans that  are passionate about what the band has created. They treated us with playing some of their older hits and some from the new record "Broken" which is available everywhere now online and in stores. 

       Matty takes time to ask how everyone fared during the hurricane because just a few days prior to the show NC got hit by Hurricane Dorian. He also spends time in between songs to explain that the songs he has chosen for the night are special to him, whenever a band shares personal thoughts or feelings on stage it instantly connects them with the crowd. Giving all the fans something extra to remember from that night that they won't soon forget. They say goodnight and head off stage but the crowd won't have it. They all start chanting "SINNER, SINNER, SINNER" then the band comes back on to stage thrilled to play their hit "The Sinner" off their album from 2011 "The Hollow" every fan in the building knew all the lyrics to the song and it was an electrifying way to end the night. They head off stage and fans line up to support their favorite bands merch table in hopes to catch the band members. After the stage room is cleared The band and crew begin tearing down the stage and signing autographs and taking photos with fans. They are dedicated to their fans and it shows! You Catch Memphis May Fire at the "Loud and Proud Festival" in Weitefeld, Germany on October 18th. 

Hollow Intent

Death of Uriah


Memphis May Fire