Death Cab for Cutie at Malkin Bowl in Vancouver, BC

by Yasmin Hannah

Washington alt rockers swooned Vancouverites last night as it marked the first time Death Cab For Cutie headlined in Vancouver for over 7 years! Playing to a sold out show, they kept with the West Coast vibes, walking on stage with tranquility, poised ready to go. 

Gibbard’s eloquent harmonies did not disappoint. A very emotive performance that took you on a journey; the piano hit notes that shook you internally, with impeccable vocals as though straight from the studio. 

Sprightly flaunting a few new tracks such as “Kids in 99” left the crowd sparkly eyed and in awe. 

Their new album; “The Blue EP!” is out today! Finishing aptly with “Soul Meets Body” - an old favourite to bring the show to a sublime finale.

Death Cab for Cutie