Slayer at Xfinity Center in MA

Supported by Lamb of God, Amon Amarch, and Cannibal Corpse

by Emily Bonney

When first getting to the show, I saw about 1000 people. The ages ranged from elderly to child, and I loved it. One family forgot their tickets and had to run back to their car. It was two dads and three kids.

Emotions were high as the crowd started to line up. Everyone knew this was it, this was Slayers last show ever, and they could experience it. The first band to play was Cannibal Corpse. The red lights and dark tone set the stage for the rest of the night. Being the youngest band to play on the tour, they had big shoes to fill. The crowd was getting pumped after each song. A sign that the show had officially started. I could tell that the crowd wanted to soak everything up and enjoy every minute of it. When Amon Amarth took the stage, I had never heard of them. However, my fellow photographers were telling me how these will be some of my best shots. We were escorted to the pit and placed in front of a huge Viking ship that loomed over the crowd. When they arrived on stage, the lights and fog wrapped around them. The crowd especially loved them. I think the Viking ship with red glowing eyes topped off the set.

The last two bands. The time had come. Lamb of God’s set was black and white with the logo huge, over the drums. It was my first time ever seeing Lamb or God, and I was not disappointed. I could feel the energy from the crowd behind me as they screamed and yelled the lyrics. The energy from the band itself was being matched by the crowd. Every age in the audience enjoyed Lamb of God. Finally, at 9:15, we were escorted from the press room to the pit for one last set. Slayer had their huge curtain filled with spinning pentagrams and their logo. The curtain dropped, and the crowd erupted. I swear the building shook. Starting with ‘Repentless,’ the effects began. The flames towered over everyone giving off a burst of heat. I think the reality hit when they played ‘South of Heaven’ (the 16th song). The crowd was emotional and realized that would most likely be the last time they heard it live. At the end of the show, around 11, tears were shed.

Even for me seeing Slayers last show ever was painful. Seeing them twice before the end were amazing experiences.


Lamb of God

Amon Amarch

Cannibal Corpse