Unconscious Disturbance at The Rock Shop

by BtS contributor Earl Z.Maldoun

When you head to a show in the city, alot of factors decide how great the night will be.  Beer price (and to a much lesser extent, quality), along with parking or the lack thereof and how many friends you can sneak in past the bouncer while he's still asleep.

But what matters most is the band. They're the ones who create the music and mood of the night.  If you manged to be the lucky few to catch Unconscious Disturbance at their Rock Shop show last week, the music was banging and loud, and you were one lucky Brooklyner. 

Hailing originally from Brazil, UD is made up of two brothers who moved to NY where they met their guitarist and bassist that make up the current band, their style has moved from a deeper atmosphere-building metal to a mixed together genre of funk, ska, jazz, metal and alternative forms of rock involving so many different forms of fast rhythm and upbeat influences that they've somehow melded into a smooth mixture of strong robust metal swinging wildly in a funk rock foundation.


Debuting a bevy of new tracks from their upcoming release Let It Rain along with their newly released single Eye to Eye, we were shown the new face of Unconscious Disturbance, gone from the days of deep, dark metal standing out with this vibrant set of eclectic fast and jazzy songs; constantly a pendulum between light and hard, slowing a little on the chorus to ramp up again.  Eye to Eye is a great example of the melodic force, driving classical metal melodies forward with a faster rock twang surrounded by the chorus of voices featuring three vocalists.


Wedged onto the tiny stage of Rock Shop, they found ways to make the most of movement when not teetering off the edge of their Williamsburg flat, matching the energy of their music move for move.  It's crazy that these hole in the wall places jam crowds in like sardines and then put on performances by bands that regularly play with 4, 5 or even 6 piece bands.  I would love to see Unconscious Disturbance at a venue allowing them more space, especially after seeing the footage of them at the Salvador festival in Brazil.

Overall if the taste of the new music that premiered that night is a strong reference point for their new EP then I think the band is coming back from their 2014 album with a new, reinvigorated sound.  Something with a strong framework that they are not afraid to flex around inside of with all the influences available to them.  

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