Kongos at Playstation Theater

The South African band has been nearly everywhere, and played in even more venues but despite that there hasn't been a moment that they thought to grow complacent.  Their stage presence has only pushed them to be bigger and more memorable with a totally unique setup.

With their new EP, Egomaniac fresh off the plastic mold, Kongos has toured across most of the Eastern seaboard to show off their new music that takes on grander, darker and more ambient tones with a European tour already starting this week.  It blares and wavers with a bigger presence than anything they've made before and delves deeper lyrically with its honestly blunt take on arrogance and peoples self-image.

The band has sought to match their music with their light and stage display that equates to this theatrical, low-key arrangement designed to float heads and obscure limbs as the backboard pulses in time with them.

They gave everything they had, combining the atmosphere, the showmanship, the dark melodic undertones, to create a truly great show.

KONGOS is on tour currently in Europe and will be coming back to the US for a small selection of shows in the beginning of December near the Midwest if your desperate to see them before there next tour.  Egomaniac, which is their latest EP, is on sale now; http://store.kongos.com/