BtS interviews Half Hearted

Behind the Scene: You’re from Connecticut and perform there often. You supported Ice Nine Kills and Sirens & Sailors at the Webster to celebrate the release of your EP Terrified on Friday November 25. How was the show?

Jason Grandell: It was such a good night, and probably one of the best shows we've played so far as a band! It was sold out, and we got to play a bunch of new songs to people that came out to support us, as well as a ton of new faces! What have been some of your favorite shows you’ve played so far?


BtS: Any particular favorite Connecticut venues and locals within your genre?

All of our hometown shows in Hartford are our favorites! Other than playing with Ice Nine Kills last night, our headliner at The Webster was incredible for us! We also had the opportunity to play a date of the Supervillains Tour with Falling In Reverse/Attila last year! That was also the show where we first met our good friends in Assuming We Survive. And the local scene in the northeast is just awesome! We'd definitely recommend checking out our friends in Currents, Construct Paradise, In Honor Of, Values, and so many more!


BtS: You released a music video for the song “Ghosts” earlier this month. What was the experience of filming it like? Are you planning on releasing videos for any other songs on Terrified?

Grandell: We shot it with Sam Link on his recent Music Video Tour, and it was a very easy day! We had access to a huge, basically empty house that was for sale, so we figured we wouldn't let the opportunity go to waste! And yes we are!


BtS: Terrified is your sophomore release. In which ways do you feel you’ve grown as songwriters and as a band since releasing Finding Light? What are some things you’ve accomplished since?


Grandell: When we wrote Finding Light, we did it thinking about the listener. We wanted the songs to be very uplifting, motivational, and relatable. When we wrote Terrified, we were just kind of selfish and wrote songs that we wanted to play and hear and be connected to. Terrified actually reached the top 20 on the iTunes Metal Charts when it came out, which we weren't expecting at all! So we're really glad that people are liking what we're writing!


BtS: What was writing process like for Terrified? Does having two vocalists have any effect on writing lyrics?

Grandell: This EP really helped us figure out how we write best as a band. We get all of the final instrumentals recorded before we even start working on lyrics. Sean and Mike are very good at working with each other and bouncing ideas around, and having two vocalists means that we can pretty much do whatever we want. Heavy songs, softer songs, and a lot of mixed singing/screaming parts that people seem to really enjoy!


BtS: What are some goals you hope to accomplish now that you’ve released Terrified? Where do you see Half Hearted in a year from now?

Grandell: We just want as many people as possible to hear these songs. If they buy it, great, it really helps us out! A year from now, we want to be signed and on tour. We're also hard at work on a full length album already, so hopefully we'll have more new music out in late 2017 or early 2018!


BtS: From watching some of your live sets, your live show looks very intense. What is your favorite song to perform live off of Terrified?

Storm Chaser is so fun. We've only played it a couple times so far, but now it's permanently in our set!


BtS: What is some advice you would give to young bands within the post hardcore genre on starting out with writing music?

Grandell: Take the time to find your sound and figure out what you want to do with your music. Try to be as unique as possible in a music scene that has so many similar artists. We're not the most "different" band out there by any means, but we definitely have aspects in our music that are unique to us and make us stand out a little bit more.


BtS: When can your fans from out of area expect to see you out on the road this upcoming year?

Grandell: We've been trying haha! We've only played in Connecticut and Massachusetts so far, but hopefully we can get out on a couple tours in 2017 and hit a ton of new places!


BtS: When and where can we catch you next?

Grandell: We will be all over the internet promoting this EP as much as we can! If you tweet at us, comment on our posts, message us, or anything, we will always respond! As for live shows, we have a show in West Haven, CT on December 2nd at The Cave! We just announced one last Hartford show for 2016 with I Prevail, Sleepwave, and more on December 13th!