With Confidence - Love and Loathing Review

With Confidence is a three piece band from Sydney, Australia consisting of Jayden, Josh and Inigo or Inny. They’ve just finished their second year on the Vans Warped Tour where they played two songs off their upcoming album “Love and Loathing.” I had the pleasure of shooting their set in Dallas when the inflatable roof of the OWLY fm stage collapsed. It surely made for an interesting set. Love and Loathing is set to release this Friday and you will NOT be disappointed. The band released “That Something” as the first single, “Jaded” as the second, and “Moving Boxes” as the third but only played the first two on Warped Tour.  I spoke to Jayden in Scranton and let him know that I was reviewing the album and he asked me if I liked the two singles they had out, when I replied with “yes”, he said that I would like the new album. He was right. The sound is very different from Better Weather with the exception of Jaded, which Jayden described as a tribute to the old with confidence sound. The overall sound of the album is on the poppier side with some electronic effects but still guitar driven like “Better” and “The Turnaround” and “Spinning”. However there are certain tracks that are on the heavier side such as “Icarus” and “Dopamine”. The lyrics are what make this album stand out to me because it tells a story about a struggle with self worth, relationships and mental health in general. “Better” and “Jaded” are tracks that talk about things that you wish you did better or differently and deal with the feeling that nothing you do is good enough for the other person in your relationship. There is growth in these songs though because there is a realization that the past cannot be changed and sometimes things just don’t work out. “That Something” and “Spinning” are songs of hope that talk about finding something when you’ve begun to run out of hope. Everything is very personal and It makes me feel a mix of different emotions. There are a lot of songs that I can personally relate to such as “That Something” and “Spinning” and “Better”. The track that hit me the hardest as far as sad emotions is “Bruise”. There is not a bad song on the album but the ones that I mentioned stood out to me the most. This album is very honest and well written and I feel will help a lot of people, no matter what their struggle is. This album is on the softer side and would’ve liked to hear some more high energy songs but I am not disappointed at all.