Secrets Find A Cohesive, Mature Sound With Self-Titled Album

By Cameron Martinez

Secrets, established in 2010 out of San Diego, California, has gone through a couple of member changes over the past few years, but continue to thrive and are arguably better than ever. As they refuse to let these mishaps keep them down, Secrets releases their fourth full length album, and their first with new record label Made in the Shade records. Their previous three records were released on Rise Records.

It is clear that the relationship between the two vocalists has definitely found its sweet spot as they complement each other extremely well all across the album. For the first time in the band’s history, they now have two albums with the same pair of vocalists being showcased, and they have used that to their advantage, from solidifying their classic formula of balancing out both the screaming and singing elements to having songs that are nearly 100% one or the other. Richard Rogers continues to impress as he manages the rhythm guitar sections as well as providing us with his ever-addicting clean singing. On the other end, Wade Walters belts out screams strong enough to ignite earthquakes.

The band continues its inveterate sound with post-hardcore guitar sections coupled with softer alt-rock bridges that help support the cleaner vocals by Rogers. One of the biggest advantages this band has is their personal, no hold barred lyrics. That trend continues on this record, most notably in the song “3.17.16” as Rogers recounts his 2016 birthday, the same day he lost his older sister (yes, it’s a tearjerker, have some tissues ready.) If you are in the mood for some lighter subjects, the band also uses the song “Incredible” to demonstrate how being in that perfect relationship feels.

One item on anyone’s agenda when discussing this album will be the masterpiece the band calls “Five Years”. Coupled with a music video, this song was released as a single from the self-titled record and will probably be mentioned as one of the hallmark heavy tracks of 2018. The most maturely written song the guys have ever released, the song is captivating from beginning to end. Vocalist Wade Walters was hesitant when writing the lyrics, stating, “ … I was skeptical about the amount of hate I put into my words, but then I started to think about how many people have been in the same situation …” And boy are we glad he stuck with his gut. If you’re ever in a bad mood just throw this track away and headbang the anger away.

With the new self-titled record from the band Secrets, you’ll find yourself singing along with every track as you journey through their smartly-crafted melodies, and you’ll be headbanging when they decide to head into metal territory. The band has found a cohesive sound that they are proud of, and although it has taken four records, the journey was well worth it.


Listen to: “Five Years”, “Incredible”, “3.17.16”