Memphis May fire release their sixth studio Album “Broken”

by Emily Armitage

Memphis May Fire, currently on tour with Atreyu, Ice Nine Kills, and Sleep Signals dropped their sixth studio album “Broken” on November 16th, 2018. The first single that was released from the album was called “The Old Me” which is a very high energy song, guitar driven with heavy vibes although there are mainly clean vocals. The album has a very clean mix and all of the songs transition smoothly. However the band still has screaming in their songs but this album really showcases Matty Mullins’ voice. Each song sounds like it would bring out a lot of energy to a live audience. The track “Heavy is the Weight” features a rapper which adds a new element for this genre of music, this track is on the slower side but it is still very powerful. The name of the album, “Broken” gives the impression that this is going to be a very depressing album but there are elements of power and determination throughout the songs in the album, specifically in “Watch Out”, “Over It”, “Who I Am” and “Mark My Words” specifically. These songs hold the message that he won’t let his struggles both internal and external bring him down. This album sounds like a good mix of “Challenger” and “Unconditional” because it is on the lighter side but there are still break downs and the songs are driven by fast, powerful, energetic guitar riffs. Essentially, one can still mosh to this album but the softness of the album gives more power to the vocals of Mullins. There’s a lot of reflection in the album, specifically in the songs “Heavy is the Weight”, “Fool”, “The Old Me”, “You and Me”, and “Live Another Day”. It’s a tough world out there, and Memphis May Fire has always been a band that writes music that those who are struggling can relate to and this album is a perfect example of that. There is hope and there is light, in a seemingly dark place through this album.


Listen to: Over It, Watch Out, Who I Am and Fool.