BtS Staff Application


  • You have a stellar portfolio

  • You consider yourself professional

  • You can be prompt with coverage (album reviews have due dates and live coverage handed in within 48 hours)

  • You take initiative (The editor-in-chief will give assignments, but you should also be able to suggest your own assignments)

  • Photographers- You must feel comfortable writing show reviews, even short ones.

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Format: (BtS Application - Job - City). For example, if I were a photographer in NYC applying for a position I would write: "BtS Application - Photographer - NYC"
A link to your most updated work. It can be a personal website, a blog you currently work for/run, flickr, etc. If you would like to include more than 1 link, put your main portfolio link here and include the other link(s) in the main message below.
Who are you? Why do you want to work with us? Please also include any other links to your work that you would like to share.