Coldfront Drummer Micheal Kelly Talks New LP 'Float Around'

Photo by Samantha Falco - courtesy of Big Picture Media 

Photo by Samantha Falco - courtesy of Big Picture Media 

The fittingly named, Canadian pop-punk outfit Coldfront has been steadily gaining attention over the last few years, touring with the likes of Knuckle Puck, Such Gold, Like Pacific, and Silverstein. Their hard work recently culminated into their debut full-length Float Around. Released on October 6, 2017 on Equal Vision Records, the band is currently touring the United States in support of the record with Ghost Key, Hot Mulligan, Hold Close, and Super Whatevr. Behind the Scene writer Samantha Warren had a chance to interview drummer Michael Kelly through email about the band's new LP, touring, and what it takes to make it in the alternative scene. Check out Kelly's responses below! 

1.) I first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our readers who haven’t heard of you yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the band you’d want us to know?

Hey guys, I'm Michael and I play in a pop punk band called Coldfront. We just put out a new record called Float Around and we're in the midst of two months of US touring at the moment. Come catch a gig if we're in your area!

2.) Let’s get started with your two music videos that you have out. You recently released “So Typical” and your first video was “Everything You Want Me To Be.” What was it like getting to film them for your new album? Can we expect more music videos in the future?

The process of doing those two videos was incredible. We filmed both of them at the same time over the course of a weekend with our good pal Miguel & the Yeah! Films crew. This was the first time we were more involved with the storyline and direction of the videos. We told Miguel what we wanted to do with them and he took our ideas and blew everything we imagined out of the water - while still keep with the themes we wanted.

3.) For your music videos, how did you guys come up with the concepts for them? What was the process?

It was a collective effort. A lot of brainstorming in the van while we drove trying to tie them into one another to add some connections for people to find. We did our best to keep it light and fun while still putting a visual to the story the song tells. That and a little bit of mocking ourselves in the process of course.

4.) You guys just your full length album Float Around on October 6th. Describe to us what writing sessions for this record were. 

This album was probably only about 30% written before we hit the studio and the remaining writing was all done in the studio with our producer Derek Hoffman. We had songs and riffs when we entered but nothing close to what we came out with in the end. Every song changed significantly from the point it was at when we showed up with it. Can't say enough good things about Derek - that guys knows how to make records and get the best possible product out of people.

5.) How did you decide which songs to put on the album and which ones didn’t? Will you be using the songs that didn’t make it on the album for any other projects? 

We only ended up scratching one or two songs from the final track listing. Reason being that we just didn't feel they were as strong as the ones that made it. So for that reason, no they won't be used for anything else. When we record again it will all be fresh material.

6.) I read that you’re focusing more on your melodies for this album instead of having so much screaming in the music. What was the motivation behind the sound evolution? What else can the fans expect to be different?

Ya definitely, melody was very important to us on this record. We felt it was time that we changed up our sound a bit. We put out three EPs that we're pretty aggressive as far as pop punk goes and it never really got us to the point we wanted to be at. We still love those songs but it was time to try something slightly different. The full length still sounds like Coldfront but it is more pop driven. I'd say it was a conscious effort to write that way mixed with influence from diversifying our personal playlists over the past couple years. I hope people like where we took it!

7.)  You produced this record with Derek Hoffman who’s worked with Seaway, Boys Night Out, and Like Pacific. Is there any chance we can see a musical collaboration with any of them?

Boys Night Out is a huge influence for us, we all grew up listening to them and seeing them at local shows all the time but I doubt you'll see any collaboration between the two of us. As much as we would like that we just don't really know them. Seaway and Like Pacific are our boys so who knows, maybe we'll do some sort of mashup show or cover set together in the future. Jordan from LP actually sang one word on our last EP to fix something that sounded a bit whack after we left the studio. No way anyone will ever notice it but it's in there!

8.) You're currently on the road with Ghost Key. What were you most looking forward to about this tour? Do you guys have a steady set list, or do you change it throughout the different cities? 

Mixed bill shows. We love playing these heavy shows and being the odd man out. It's a fun challenge to try to win over some of the metalcore and hardcore kids who normally don't mess with pop punk bands. It's been a lot of fun! For the first week or so we changed the set list up a few times but now we have a pretty steady set list going give or take a few songs time depending.

9.) For any upcoming bands, what advice would you give them about breaking into the industry? What was the best advice someone gave to you when you first started? 

Buy a van and hit the road! DIY touring is tough but if you love it, it's worth it. We still make a big fat $0 on most tours in the end but they get better all the time. Managers, agents, labels and other industry reps want to work with artists who have proven that they're not going to break up in a few months. Touring will break a lot of bands so if you're good and you can make it through a few tours successfully everyone will start to take notice and want to work with you. Best advice we've got is that it can be a slow burn but you need to stick with it if you're really in it for the long haul. To be honest it was tough to get to where we are now but we are so excited about the future, things are starting to look up!

Float Around is out now on Equal Vision Records.