6 Amazing Women Rocking Out On Warped Tour

From behind the scenes, on the stage, and the many organizations represented at Warped Tour, Warped Tour is one of the scene in music that a girl can attend and feel inspired as a musician or future member of the music industry. This year is exceptional with many talented artists that are not to be missed. With so many kickass bands featuring women musicians, it is reminiscent of the long history of bands who made their names on Warped Tour such as No Doubt and Paramore. It's very likely that Warped Tour attendees will find a new band they love regardless of gender of the members with an inclusive lineup like this one.



1. Ann Courtney and Elizabeth Carena of Mother Feather

Having formed the band because she was bummed out making sad music, vocalist Ann Courtney of Mother Feather is motivational and badass. With her counterpart- keyboardist and vocalist Elizabeth Carena, the two tear up the Full Sail Stage with their dance moves, original style, and infectious vocal harmonies. Mother Feather’s belief is that we should be the best versions of ourselves- and their songs are centered around topics of feeling the best you can feel.  They are one of the favorites among many artists at Warped who have loved to watch their set every chance they can. This NYC band is one you don’t want to miss.


2. Savannah Hudson of The Heirs

After being part of a duo with her older brother, Brandon Hudson, Savannah is fitting in as one of the voices of The Heirs. With soul and grace, Savannah shines on stage with remarkable style and incredible ear for vocal harmonies. Off stage, Savannah loves to write songs and has a great sense of humor. Savannah’s voice puts them as a forerunner for one of the many young bands you need to catch at Warped Tour. You can find the Heirs on the Poseidon Stage through August 13. 


Photo Credit: Dan Wright

3. Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive

Jenna McDougall has truly come into her own as the band hits the spotlight as one of the mainstage bands on one of the two Journeys stages. Jenna’s amazing vocal range is something that makes Tonight Alive a one of a kind band. Not only can Jenna sing, but she gives the best advice to her fans which make their shows very intimate, no matter how many people are watching. “Never waste your energy explaining yourself to people.” She boldly stated to the crowd at the Wantagh, NY date of Warped Tour. Hailing from Australia, Tonight Alive is a band that continues to stand out as the band everyone is dying to see at Warped Tour.


4. Oobilette Sparks and Kate Jacobi of Tsunami Bomb

Having recently made their comeback after nearly a decade since they made their name on Warped Tour, Tsunami Bomb is back with original keyboardist/vocalist Oobliette Sparks and newcomer on lead vocals, Kate Jacobi. Don’t let a new member fool you- this band is wholeheartedly the Tsunami Bomb many Warped Tour veterans grew up loving. Tsunami Bomb can be seen at the August 12 and August 13 dates of Warped Tour.