Top 10 Bands To Catch This Year On The 2016 Van's Warped Tour

by Sami Marshall

Ah, Warped Tour. Everyone’s favorite punk rock summer camp. The one thing I love most about Warped Tour is the variety of bands that play each year. What started out as mainly punk has expanded to a multitude of other genres. At any given moment you can catch an acoustic performance and then take five steps and watch a ska band. There’s so many bands to see and we want to make choosing who you watch this summer a little bit easier. Check out our list of the 10 bands you NEED to catch this year on Warped Tour!


10. Warped Tour Play Winners – 

This year Warped Tour did something special and instead of their normal Battle of the Bands, one winner was chosen per date to play the Main Stage. These bands have worked hard to get this kind of exposure and are definitely worth checking out. You can see which band will playing on your specific date here.




9. Cruel Hand – 

If you’re looking for a band that is not only extremely talented, but also rocks harder than most, look no further than Cruel Hand. Their new album Your World Won’t Listen is set to be released in early September, so I would expect to hear a few new tracks from them. To see if they do play a few new ones, head to the Monster Energy South Stage all summer long.

8. Reckless Serenade – 

Since 2012, Reckless Serenade have made a name for themselves in the pop punk scene. And now, following the successful release of their new EP Strange Soul, they are about to make an even bigger name for themselves by taking on Warped Tour. To hear a set full of quality pop punk with an aggressive twist, make sure you stop by the Full Sail University Stage all summer long to catch Reckless Serenade. Check out our coverage from their tour here.

7. ROAM – 

Over the past year, UK based pop punk band ROAM have been making a name for themselves, and now they are about to take on Warped Tour. They released their debut full-length Backbone in January via Hopeless Records and have been gaining a ton of momentum. They are full of energy and you can catch them all summer long on the Poseidon Stage.

6. Waka Flocka Flame –

 Because, why not? Last year he was spotted quite a bit around festival grounds, so to see him on this year’s roster is pretty neat! He’s only on the tour from August 8th – 13th, so if you’re fortunate to be going on any of those dates, definitely stop by the Journeys Left Foot Stage. Plus telling all your friends that you got to see Waka Flocka Flame on Warped Tour will make them jealous for sure!

5. Issues – 

They are definitely one of the most honest and fun bands you will see all summer. Between the insane vocals of Tyler Carter and the utterly perfect instrumentals, you won’t be disappointed if you stop by the Journeys Right Foot Stage to catch one of their performances. They just released their brand new album Headspace in March, so you’ll probably be able to hear quite a few of the new tracks this summer! Check out our coverage from their tour here.

4. Real Friends –

With the release of their second full-length The Home Inside My Head, the Illinois sad boys are ready to rock Warped Tour once again. These five guys are currently on top of the world, and if you’ve never seen them live, there’s no better time than Warped to do so. Their lyrics are undeniable relatable and crowds flock to see them tell three-minute stories show after show. They’re just here to have a good time and make sure you do as well. You can see Real Friends all summer long on the Journeys Right Foot Stage.

3. The Maine – 

They are Warped Tour veterans and put on one of the best shows you will ever witness. They are one of the most essential summer bands out there! Do yourself a favor and don’t miss their set on the Journeys Right Foot Stage this summer. Plus, they have the some of the coolest merch available as well.

2. Sum 41 –

When it was announced that Sum 41 would be on this year’s Warped Tour, I’ll admit, I was stoked. They’re one of those bands that we all listened to growing up. It’s been almost a year since their comeback started with a performance at the APMAS, and I have a feeling this summer is going to be that catalyst that sends them back onto our radios and into our hearts. Be sure to stop by the Journeys Left Foot Stage all summer long to watch them!

1. New Found Glory –

I feel like we’ve been teleported back to the early 2000s when I see some of the bands on this year’s lineup. New Found Glory is definitely one of those bands fueling that feeling. It’s nice to see old school Warped Tour bands coming back this summer and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say much to convince you see them when they come to your town. They will be performing on the Journeys Left Foot Stage for the entirety of the tour!