8 Essential Songs For Your Summer Playlist

by Brody Coronelli

Summertime: the time of year when your regular playlists just don’t cut it. This time of year calls for louder, brighter, and more infectious songs. 

What is it exactly that makes a summer song? Bright melodies, noise, hooks that stay in your head for weeks, anthemic throwdowns? The answer to that may be different for everyone, but below are eight songs that you can play loud with the windows down, out in the sun, or just when you need a good pick-me-up. Play ‘em loud, proud, and with enough bass to cause a noise complaint (if that’s your thing).



1. Butch Walker - "East Coast Girl"

The lead single off Walker’s upcoming album Stay Gold, “East Coast Girl” is bombastic, classic, and reminiscent of an ‘80s-spirited, windows-down, rock ‘n’ roll anthem that’s equally infectious as it is classic. The verses render Walker speaking in a haphazard, half-drunk rumination on old age (“Everything’s goin’ pretty par for the course/got back problems, grey hair, craving a porsche”), but the choruses go straight back in time, turning the song into a rambunctious, kick-in-the-teeth anthem.


2. Brian Fallon - "Mojo Hand"

Brian Fallon, frontman of the currently dormant Gaslight Anthem, came through with Painkillers- an outstanding solo debut- earlier this year. On the song “Mojo Hand”, Fallon hits hard with slicked-back, rock ‘n’ roll voodoo that sends you spinning from the very first note. 


3. Korey Dane "Heaven Won't Let Me In"

A poppier cut from Korey Dane’s exceptional, Americana-versed album Youngblood, “Heaven Won’t Let Me In” strikes all the right chords, softly driving forward with rootsy guitar hooks, and affable, laid-back lyricism that’s sure to send you into the haze of a good time. 

4. Tegan and Sara - "Stop Desire"

egan and Sara have a tight hold on sugary, love song-driven pop music on their new album Love You To Death, and “Stop Desire” is no exception. With enough synthesizer thrills, captivating hooks, and affectionate bravado to make your head spin, this song is a summer frenzy of sweet hooks and tender hijinks. 


5. La Sera - "I Need An Angel"

“I Need An Angel” from La Sera’s recent offering Music For Listening To Music To is all sun, heat, and sky. Boasting a glitzy, nostalgic sound reminiscent of The Smiths alongside a bright, ‘60s-reaching temperament, this track is a necessity when you’re out for the next couple months. 


6. Antarctigo Vespucci - "Crashing Waves"

Antarctigo Vespucci, the pop-rock oriented side project of Chris Farren of Fake Problems and Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb The Music Industry! is excellent in more ways than one, and “Crashing Waves” from their 2015 full-length Leavin’ La Vida Loca is one of their highest moments thus far. With a beachy, fuzzy, and slacker kind of charm, this track is an absolute blast,


7. Jack's Mannequin - "Holiday From Real"

Jack’s Mannequin Everything In Transit was inevitable on this list. It’s one of the best summer albums in recent memory, and “Holiday From Real” encompasses all of it’s charm. A buoyant account of spending time in California when the sun is high and you have too much time on your hands, this song is sure to make you want to grow out your hair a little too long and roll the windows down. 


8. Teenage Wrist - "Stoned, Alone"

Teenage Wrist-- the scuzzy, ‘90s-inspired punk-rock side project from The Chain Gang of 1974’s Kamtin Mohager-- hit hard last year with their debut EP Dazed, and luckily, they’re back for more on their latest single “Stoned, Alone”. The song is undyingly youthful, yearning, and noisy as it pushes itself on you with neon-soaked, bombastic rhythms and a sentimental undercurrent that begs to be felt.